Guiding dangerous curves

Guiding dangerous curves

In-road LED lighting is an excellent solution for guiding traffic at dangerous curves. The built-in LEDs increase curve visibility and warn drivers in advance about upcoming changes in driving direction. This results in smoother driving behavior, less braking, and quicker recovery after being blinded by oncoming traffic. Utilizing solar power and sustainable LED technology, these lighting systems are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. Adding LED lighting to dangerous curves can significantly reduce the number of accidents and improve traffic safety for all road users.

Other Applications


Marking bike paths, roads, and/or road separations

In-road LED lighting enhances visibility and safety with sustainable, low-maintenance technology.

Visibility at crosswalks, roundabouts, piers, bicycle paths, intersections, and/or guardrails

LED lighting enhances visibility and safety at critical traffic points and infrastructure.

Traffic calming measures

LED lighting supports traffic calming measures for increased safety.

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