Marking bike paths, roads, and/or road separations

Marking bike paths, roads, and/or road separations

In-road LED lighting provides an effective solution for marking bike paths, roads, and road separations. This energy-efficient lighting improves visibility and safety, especially during nighttime and adverse weather conditions. Utilizing sustainable LED technology and solar power, these lighting systems are eco-friendly and low-maintenance. Embedding LED lights into the road surface enhances orientation and reduces the risk of accidents, making it a smart investment for cities and municipalities looking to improve their infrastructure and increase traffic safety.

Other Applications


Guiding dangerous curves

In-road LED lighting guides traffic at dangerous curves, enhancing traffic safety for all.

Visibility at crosswalks, roundabouts, piers, bicycle paths, intersections, and/or guardrails

LED lighting enhances visibility and safety at critical traffic points and infrastructure.

Traffic calming measures

LED lighting supports traffic calming measures for increased safety.

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