The MK-4 LED road marker features a high-brightness American brand LED light with a working time of 100,000 hours. The USA brand solar panel boasts a 22% high conversion rate and a fast charge rate. The Japanese brand casting Al material ensures the solar road marker bears more pressure. The top-quality epoxy resin glue fixes the solar LED road markers, ensuring optimal solar power charging. With a Philips PC board for safety and stability and a long-time warranty for the road stud reflectors, the MK-4 is a leader in solar road marking. The marker has a load capacity of over 40 tons and can be installed in the middle of the road. Accepts OEM/ODM.

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Bright LED road marker with American brand and solar panel, long lifespan, and easy installation.


Bright LED road marker with powerful solar panel and durable material for traffic safety.


Shock-resistant, energy-saving, eco-friendly solar road marker for increased safety and visibility.

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