The MK-BWS-2 is a premium solar road marker featuring a bright American brand LED light with a 100,000-hour lifespan. The US-made solar panel offers a high conversion rate of 22% and fast charging time. The Japanese brand cast aluminum housing ensures greater pressure resistance. Quality epoxy resin glue is used to secure the solar LED road markers, ensuring optimal solar power charging capacity. The Philips PC board is safe and stable. With a long warranty and a load capacity of over 40 tons, the MK-BWS-2 is a reliable solution for road marking. OEM/ODM customizations are accepted.

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Bright LED road marker with American brand and solar panel, long lifespan, and easy installation.


Bright LED road marker with powerful solar panel and durable material for traffic safety.


Shock-resistant, energy-saving, eco-friendly solar road marker for increased safety and visibility.

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