The YL-TOH-03 solar road marker features high shock resistance, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly properties. These aluminum alloy LED road studs are naturally charged by the sun and automatically start working as soon as it gets dark or when inclement weather begins. They are cost-effective, easy to install, and require absolutely no wiring or maintenance. The YL-TOH-03 dramatically enhances the appearance of your garden, yard, or driveway. Specifically designed with road safety in mind, these LED pavement markers help prevent serious accidents and emit light rather than reflecting it. OEM/ODM customizations are accepted.

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Bright LED road marker with American brand and solar panel, long lifespan, and easy installation.


Bright LED road marker with powerful solar panel and durable material for traffic safety.


Shock-resistant, energy-saving, eco-friendly solar road marker for increased safety and visibility.

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