The YL-TOH-05 aluminum solar road marker is ultrasonically welded, ensuring a good seal and making it difficult to fall off. With visibility of up to 800 meters and reliable performance throughout the night and all year round, this road marker harnesses free solar energy and is completely sustainable. They are used where street lighting is either unavailable, not cost-effective, or environmentally unfeasible. The YL-TOH-05 is a cost-effective solution, easy to install, and requires absolutely no wiring or maintenance. These self-contained, surface-mounted road markers are suitable for OEM/ODM customizations.

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Bright LED road marker with American brand and solar panel, long lifespan, and easy installation.


Bright LED road marker with powerful solar panel and durable material for traffic safety.


Shock-resistant, energy-saving, eco-friendly solar road marker for increased safety and visibility.

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